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in Companies in need for help

Are you the CEO of a SME challenged by the ongoing digital and sustainable transformation waves? RSQ Investors is ready to invest in you to take over those challenges and guide your business on the path to transformation.
At RSQ, a private and independent equity fund, we are driven by conscious capitalism. Starting from our purpose to contribute to the sustainability and viability of our planet and enhance the well-being of mankind, we help companies transform and prosper through the creation and delivery of long-term value for all stakeholders. 
We are entrepreneurs, we use a realistic and hands-on approach, where the value creation happens through operation and strategic improvements, not through financial engineering. Being part of the Quanteus Group, we can count on a network of more than 180+ professionals that provide us with expertise in digital & strategic marketing, digital & sustainable business transformation, and data governance. Together, we can help you through your transformation journey. 
A Hands-on approach
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We follow a hands-on approach 

Driven by Conscious Capitalism
Image by Anastasia Petrova

We are driven by Conscious Capitalism

Empowered by Quanteus Group
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With Quanteus Group we further bridge the gap between strategy & implementation. 

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