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Hands-on Investment

RSQ Investors, launched in 2013, has as investment strategy that aims at taking over distressed or 'special situations' companies, and transform them into better companies with a long-term, sustainable future, while delivering value for all the stakeholders involved in the new success of our portfolio companies: old and new owners, employees, suppliers, clients and bankers.

We create value through operational and strategic improvements, not via financial engineering.

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Quanteus Group

RSQ Investors is part of the Quanteus Group; a professional services group that consists of more than 150 in-house talents and a network of 1500 independent professionals. Our sister companies bring top-level expertise in digital & strategic marketing, sustainable business transformation, digital transformation, senior interim management and data governance. Together we can bring the answer to your business challenges across all domains.

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Quiet Desk

Corporate restructuring

Our experience shows us that companies tend to act "too little too late" when facing crisis symptoms. 
RSQ Investors has built an integrated offering for the restructuring of companies in distress or in other special situations.


We are entrepreneurs and we commit both our time and money to the companies we are acquiring.
RSQ Investors focuses on the acquisition of companies with restructuring potential and follows a hands-on approach with operational involvement from our RSQ Team, composed of our Core Team and our RSQ Managers, supported by our management consultants, implementation managers and investors, in order to deliver results in complicated situations.

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The RSQ Investors approach includes 4 key steps: a quick scan before the take-over or carve-out, the structuring and closing of the transaction, the development of a restructuring plan and ultimately its implementation by our core team, leveraged by our network of experts and investors.
Our value proposition: Help the current owner ‘get rid of a problem’.
Our long-term perspective and hands-on approach differentiate us from traditional private equity companies as we believe it takes time to restructure companies and deliver significant value for all stakeholders.
Quick Scan

Strategic review resulting in strategic diagnostic

We check your problem 

Take-over or carve-out

Equity stake & funding

We buy your problem

Restructuring Plan

Equity stake & funding

We shape your problem


Execution of the restructuring plan for value recovery

We live your problem

Investment criteria

RSQ Investors is looking for investment opportunities with sales from 10 to 30M€, companies headquartered in Belgium, who can benefit from our operational and strategic expertise across a wide range of traditional product & services sectors. Our focus is on Corporate Restructuring & Special Situations (including carve-out, complicated situations and emergencies).
Our investment strategy aims at building stronger businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage, that can benefit from our operational and strategic value-added approach.

Restructuring cases or Special situations (e.g. non-core assets, sudden decease of owner, exceptional unique adverse event, urgent liquidity need at owner level…), but with “going concern” perspective

Size ~ EUR 10-30 MM turnover, with enough “bone and meat” to justify RSQ Investors involvement

Traditional sectors: professional services, industrial manufacturing, food, distribution, logistics,…

Excluded: government, subsidy or public sector dependent companies; ICT; high-tech; horeca, biotech

Defendable market position

Location: Benelux – focus on Belgium

Weak management team and/or prior unsuccessful strategic decisions not an issue per se

Full operational control after acquisition